Who I am

I’m an energetic, passionate UX / Product Designer with a forward-thinking user-centric approach to designing experiences. I’ve been pushing pixels for two decades for clients across Salt Lake City, where I’ve submerged myself in several different industries before landing in the tech industry. Here I’ve been able to work both with and for the most outstanding people to build beautiful things. Visual communication is my superpower, and designing streamlined user experiences my passion. 

As a former gymnast, I've lived much of my life training and competing as a way of life. In 2012, I began training as an Aerialist on Aerial Silks. A year later, I took my first professional contract as a solo silks aerialist. Soon after, I expanded my repertoire to include Duo Silks, Duo Trapeze, and Partner Acrobatics, performing regularly in Salt Lake City. I continually perform for musical theatre productions, cirque shows, and private events, to name a few. I'm currently gigging and training with my partner Daniel Walsh under the name Duo Coalesce. 

I began photographing professionally in 2009. After spending a few years focusing on lifestyle fashion photography, I now specializing in photographing live performances, portraiture, creative projects, weddings, and events.